Bachmann primary overdrive

I have to admit, I have a certain level of respect for Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. Oh, don’t misunderstand me, if she’s elected president, I will flee the country, the continent, and if possible, the planet. I continue to despair that she’s an actual member of Congress, and I weep that she’s a representative from my state, even if she does represent the 6th.

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You said ‘rape’ twice

You’re a rich white man, and you’ve raped someone less important and more female than you are. And now the authorities are daring to treat you — yes, you! — as if you were some sort of common, middle-class rapist. Who can you turn to? Who will defend you? Who will fight for the rich, well-connected white rapist?

Bernard-Henri Lévy, that’s who!

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It’s not a crime to be poor. Yet.

You’ve gotta feel bad for the Minnesota Republican Party. Flip just 5,000 votes in the last gubernatorial election, and they’d be the ones gleefully dismantling civil society piece by piece. But no. Tom Emmer had to lose, and now Wisconsin Republicans – frickin’ Wisconsin – get to be the poster children for the Republicans’ war on everyone who isn’t a multimillionaire.

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Bradley Manning

I haven’t written a lot lately, for a variety of reasons. I have, however, been strongly reminded of why I originally staked out my spot as a self-proclaimed spokesperson for the moderate left, and that is because I have been reminded repeatedly that we on the left are easily organized into circular firing squads, ignoring a real enemy while fighting imagined ones. Continue Reading