Three cheers for Russian artists whose names just will not stick in my head

Today’s guest post comes from Clyde.

Sandy and I went to the Museum of Russian Art recently, We went not only for the art itself, but so she can feel good about the Russian half of her heritage despite the recent behavior of Vladamir Putin. (I call this the MoRA half of her roots.) The museum is the perfect size for two old limp-alongs like Sandy and I. Continue Reading

Me and “The Girls”

Today’s guest post comes from Renee.

I am a healthy 56 year old person. I rarely get ill. I am not on any medications. My family history is pretty devoid of chronic health problems other than cardiovascular disease, but even that hasn’t kept many of my family members living to very advanced ages. I don’t have a family history of cancer or dementia. I will admit, with some sheepishness, that I don’t have all the yearly checkups a person my age is supposed to have. Continue Reading

Lottery prayer

Some people actually pray to win a huge chunk of cash in the lottery, which is understandable when you consider how many common problems would be instantly solved by a sudden infusion of $400 million into your personal account. Continue Reading

Larry Long remembers Pete Seeger

When folk singer and activist Pete Seeger died, many of the tributes mentioned his influence on generations of musicians and community organizers. In the Twin Cities, one person who was deeply affected by Pete Seeger is singer-songwriter Larry Long.

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