Why do we care?


by David | February 18, 2009 • Steve Berg writes an interesting take on the Vikings Stadium uproar which he calls “Vikings-as-a-casualty-of-the-recession narrative.”

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It boils down to the State saying “sorry we can’t afford your new stadium” and the Vikes saying “Sorry we can’t afford to stay”, an impasse.

It got me to thinking about the situation, the sport, and sports in general. Rather than get into the typical debates of does it make good sense to fund an already profitible company, whether it be sport related or Target, I wondered about how I’d feel if the Vikings left. Would it really impact me all that much? I’ve been a football fan my whole life. I have a lot of fond childhood memories of watching the game with my grandfather and I played the sport until college at which point I turned down a partial scholarship to play for Northwestern. So you could say football has had a big impact on my life at various points.

For the record, I was one of the early commenters on the kerfuffle last week and I came out against funding a stadium this year and spoke towards the seemingly callous and unrealistic points made by Vikings Vice President Lester Bagley.

Now I wonder, does it really matter where a team is located? It’s not like I attend pro-football games, I prefer the comforts of home and avoiding the massive crowds. It’s not like most,if not all,the Vikings are Minnesotans that live here for any other reason than to play on the team.

So why would I care if they became the LA Vikings , the Madison Vikings, the Houston Vikings, or any other city-Vikings combination?

I don’t have an answer.

Do you?