Who needs public housing? (Warning: May shatter stereotypes)


I hope these links get you thinking about the importance of stable housing and other supportive resources in the lives of ordinary Americans. Warning: May Shatter Stereotypes.

ReThink Housing has a series of videos about the value of public housing. Veterans, college students, parents, people with disabilities and seniors are some of those who live in and whose lives are enriched by stable, affordable housing they can count on. A few of my take-aways from this recent 4-minute video:

  • There is a waiting list of up to 10 years for public housing. That means today’s needs go unmet, more families face additional hardships, some people remain homeless or unstably housed for years.
  • Kimm, a former public housing resident who participated in job programs there, has now purchased her own home: “Public housing was a catalyst for what my life is now.”
  • 41 percent of public housing residents are kids. 32 percent are elderly.

Then there is this article from The Washington Post. What happens to a professional woman who lives within her means but gets underwater on her mortgage because of the market crash, whose partner loses his job and who gives birth to premature twins?

And everyone’s favorite Kid President with a reminder that for some kids there is actually a down side of no school in the summer.

Here’s how you can help Beacon end homelessness.