The best angle on family homelessness

I have to face facts: I have a desk job. I love writing and telling people’s stories, but sometimes I wish I were a photographer instead because you tell stories, just with pictures instead of words – and you definitely get to move around more. Sometimes you have to crouch, climb on something or cross the room to get the best angle. Continue Reading

We believe #BlackLivesMatter

The conversation about racial injustice is heated these days and it’s tragic that it has taken the deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner, among others, to bring this conversation to the national level it deserves. Continue Reading

Though it feels weak, asking for help is strong

The numbers vary from state to state but the crisis is the same: more children experience homelessness now than in previous years. Minnesota saw a nine percent increase in homeless children with their parents between 2009 and 2012, when the most recent Wilder Research survey was conducted. Continue Reading

7 symbols of home

I enjoy the work of Gretchen Rubin– the happiness guru who packages ideas about living well in tidy lists and chapters. Maybe that sounds kind of treacly, but because she is up front about her own limits, bad habits and preferences, the reader may embrace his or her own preferences, recognize limits, and challenge – and even change – bad habits that contribute to crankiness and a less joyful life. Continue Reading