As US talks about boycotting racism conference, The Nuge calls Eric Holder a coward


by Paul Schmelzer | March 2, 2009 • Conservative rocker Ted Nugent — who once claimed to be a “bigger nigger” than Def Jam founder Russell Simmons — is back, this time scolding African American Attorney General Eric Holder for calling the U.S. a “nation of cowards” for not talking candidly about race relations.

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He starts out a nearly incomprehensible op-ed on Tuesday in a familiar way, establishing his black bona fides by stating he grew up in Detroit where all of his “musical heroes were and are black musical gods.” Then, falling short of giving a “You be the man” shout-out, he calls Holder a coward and moves on. “Does he want white, red, yellow and black folk to get together to discuss culinary similarities, religious views, cultural differences, political ideologies? I have neither the time nor inclination for this kind of trivial small talk,” he writes. “I like to get next to the matter real quick like.”

Speaking of bravely engaging in discourse around race, the U.S. is now threatening to boycott a UN racism summit in Geneva because some texts prepared for the conference are critical of Israel.