Today is World AIDS Day. Do you Know Your Status?


World AIDS Day is today and it’s an important day that people seem to just let slide by.

There are about 34 million people living with AIDS in the world and 1.2 in the U.S. those are some huge numbers when you think about how scary HIV and AIDS really are.

Every year for world aids day they pick a theme for the day of observance and this years is “Getting to Zero”. An ambitious goal to say the least but doctors and the good people at the World Health Organization think that it is possible to have zero new infections within our life times and zero new deaths. That’s amazing!

The to reach these goals in the U.S. the CDC is requesting that everyone in the states get tested for HIV at least once in their lives and people that are in high risk groups or are involved in high risk activities get tested once a year. Apparently 20% of the people in the U.S. right now, especially in cities, are unaware of their condition and are at risk to spreading it to others.

This World AIDS day or even next year will you get tested if you never have. I’ll tell you. I have and while it was scary waiting for the results it’s the right thing to do.