Time to Sell Target


I’ve owned this stock since it was Dayton Hudson Corporation. I’ve added to my holdings over the years and, what with splits and dividend reinvestment, it’s gotten to be a tidy little nugget. I think I’ll sell.

I don’t shop there anymore. I don’t need more stuff that will break in three months. Last time I was there, the florescent buzz got to me. The goods in shiny packages made me think of sweatshops, of young heads bent over piecework in Asian cities. I was ruined already for big box retail.

After years of outstanding performance, being a Target stockholder isn’t so great anymore. In this last recession Target got caught with its pants down; big losses on credit card defaults. Wal-Mart out-performed Target. Wal-Mart. I wouldn’t own Wal-Mart stock.  I did shop at Wal-Mart in August 2009, but it was Nevada and I needed to equip for Burning Man.

Of course, even the most Spartan consumer must eventually procure toilet paper and gallons of 2% milk. Lately, I’ve been going to Costco where the House of Balls has a business account, free samples substitute for Friday night happy hour and they put “Mrs. Lucky”, my nickname, on my membership card. These are untraditional indicators that it’s time to adjust a stock portfolio, but they work for me.

So I’m not, strictly speaking, selling my shares because of Target Corporation’s support for the reactionary, anti-worker, bumbling Republican Candidate for Minnesota Governor, Tom Emmer. But that sure makes it easy.

Target Corporation isn’t going to miss my measly capital investment.  But, I might kind of miss having it in my mix.  It used to be a company I was proud to own.