A Thank You from the Lao Community


Sabaidee Pi Mai Lao 2013! Happy Lao New Year!

On behalf the Lao New Year Planning Committee of 2013, our community members, and volunteers, I would like to express our thanks to you for your wonderful support of our New Year Celebration.

This year the event was hosted by the Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota in collaboration with many local Lao associations and organizations. There were many participants from all over the Twin Cities metro area, Southern Minnesota, and Greater Minnesota who attended because it is a deeply meaningful tradition of the Lao community, and one of our biggest of the year.

During the morning, we had a religious ceremony, “Takbath” (donation the fruit, foods, water, money to the Buddhist monk and temple), prayers for everyone’s prosperity, happiness and success in coming year and traditional blessings with holy water by the oldest Buddhist monk. After that, there was a baci (our tradition of blessing each other for the happiness, luck, prosperity).

During the afternoon events we were very busy as we held a culture show and a talent show, a youth dance performance, fashion show, the traditional Nangsangkanh contest, and a Ms. Popularity contest. We also had another baci for the Nangsangkanh and for all of our community members. This year, the Nangsankanh contestant winner is Ms. Thidaluck Louangkhot and the Ms. Popularity contestant winner was Michelle Panthaphim.

We thank our judges and all of the participants who gave us many interesting ideas to consider as we go into the next year.

The night events were a joyous social gathering, sharing the wonderful traditional foods and refreshments of the Lao, our culture dances, and local Lao bands helped to celebrate. 

We acknowledged our sponsors throughout the event on a sponsors sign and during our live on-stage recognition. We hope they and others will consider becoming sponsors again in 2014, the Year of the Horse.

Again, on behalf of the Lao New Year Planning committee 2013, community members, and volunteers, I would like to say thank you very much for you wonderful support. We are looking forward for you support again in the upcoming year.