Community Voices: More cops for who?


November’s election has brought Minneapolis’ city council an unprecedented number of progressive representatives, but the seat of the Mayor remains in the hands of a disingenuous liberal. Mayor Jacob Frey asserts, “We need to focus on unity, mending wounds, building bridges and relationship building,” but his history on the City Council says otherwise. From delaying the effective date for the $15 minimum wage until 2024 to encouraging the rapid spread of gentrification in his ward, Frey has done everything in his power to satisfy developers and business owners while willfully neglecting the poor and working-class people of Minneapolis. His perspective on policing sheds even more light on his disinterest in the safety of Black people, Indigenous people, poor people, queer people, immigrants, homeless youth and other victims of police violence. Frey acknowledges that Minneapolis has the worst community-police relations in our city’s history. Continue Reading