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Best of Neighborhood News 12/10: Carceral Colonialism: Imprisonment in Tribal Country

Carceral Colonialism: Imprisonment in Tribal country

As The Circle reports this week, the Minnesota incarceration rates for American Indians are higher than any other ethnic group in the state. The U.S. incarcerates more of its citizens than any other country in the world. And Minnesota incarcerates a higher percentage of American Indians than any other ethnic group, yet often the incarceration conversation fails to address Native communities. See the conversation behind the incarceration rate and what the community is doing about it at this link here. Minneapolis poverty data shows Southside needs $15 Now

Despite other larger cities like Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles in the United States adopting the demanded $15/hour minimum wage, Minneapolis has yet to take on such an increase, the Southside Pride reports. Continue Reading

Fight for 15: Protest in Minneapolis for increased minimum wages

Protestors in Minneapolis rallied on Wednesday, April 15, on the University of Minnesota campus to demand a $15 minimum wage. Numbering in the hundreds, the group blocked traffic on their march to the Dinkytown McDonald’s where union members, advocacy groups, and supporters demonstrated support for increased wages and fair treatment in the workplace. The protest was part of a national movement that has been called the Fight For 15. Continue Reading