Soon we’ll be making another run


When Randy Moss left the Vikings back in 2005, I wasn’t sorry to see him go. Oh, I might have been had I known the Vikings would use the pick they got from Oakland to draft Troy “Hands of Stone” Williamson, but for the most part, Vikings fans like me had grown tired of Moss’ antics. A fresh start was needed. It was time for him to go.

Well, it’s 2010 now. The Vikings have picked up aging quarterback and egomaniac Brett Favre, but he has no significant downfield threat. Moss, meanwhile, has had productive years with New England, but is grumpy because the Patriots don’t appear ready to extend his contract. And a grumpy Moss, as Vikings fans know, is an annoying Moss. Could a deal be in the works? Yes, yes it could.

Moss is, of course, everything he’s always been. He’s a great receiver, with size and speed and soft hands, a guy who can change a defense just by stepping on the field. He’s also a major league prima donna who tends to sulk if not mollycoddled. He could come to the Vikings and save their season. He could also wreck the team for years to come.

Maybe it’s just the ghosts of 1998, but I hope the Vikings get the deal done. I’m by no means certain they won’t regret it. But like the man who would pass to him, Moss passes the most basic test. He may be good. He may be bad. But he won’t be boring. Sports are just another reality show, and Moss will make the 2010 Vikings an interesting one. What that means, of course, is anybody’s guess