Paint it black: Joining the SOPA/PIPA protest

So yes, I’ve joined the anti-SOPA-slash-PIPA protest, but not by shuttering my site. I don’t begrudge Wikipedia for shutting down, mind you — the bills as conceived would present an existential threat to their site. But ultimately, I believe the internet is a communications medium, and that it is best used when it’s, well, used.

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Cain in vain

There’s a reason that people almost never make the jump from the private sector to major elected office. For all the blather about career politicians, politics is a skill, and an incredibly difficult one. The ability to craft one’s message, communicate it with consistency, and avoid blunders is not one that comes easily to most people.

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Power rankings: The “Jeff Fecke is still not running for president” edition

Well, it’s been about two months since I did these, and what a two months it’s been! Rick Perry’s gone from Great White Hope to Racist Idiot. Michele Bachmann’s gone from clear frontrunner to barely hanging on. Herman Cain has gone from complete joke to complete joke who is inexplicably in the race, and Chris Christie’s gone from not running to not running. Everyone ready? Continue Reading

A Minnesota team that wins: No, this is not an oxymoron

Since the Minnesota Twins won the 1991 World Series, Minnesota’s major league teams have had seven chances to get to another championship game. The Vikings came within a missed field goal of the Super Bowl in 1999, then  within a mere six touchdowns in 2001. The Twins lost in the ALCS to Los Angeles of Hollywood of Reseda of Anaheim of California in 2002. Continue Reading

It’s that time!

The Iowa Straw Poll is actually more predictive than you’d think it had any right to be. No candidate has won the GOP nomination who didn’t finish in the top three there, and none has won Iowa who didn’t finish in the top two. That could change this year…or it could be really good news for one Minnesotan. 

Iowa Straw Poll, August 13, 2011

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