Ruling by Amendment


by David • Last year when Minnesota made a change to the state constitution there was a wide range of emotion expressed, but one thing many agreed on was that changing our state constitution for funding was a sign our legislatures were not doing their jobs.

Many others commented on the mess that California has made of their system by constantly amending their constitution.

Couldn’t happen here right?

I mean, it passed, the people have spoken

Well the Jordan News reports

–- Minnesota state Rep. Mark Buesgens, R-Jordan, this week introduced House File 1762, legislation that aims to repeal last year’s passage of the sales tax increase for arts and outdoors projects.

The bill, which if approved, would place a question on the November 2010 ballot that asks voters, “Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to remove the sales and use tax rate increase that began July 1, 2009?”

Mr. Buesgens then goes on to say ““The legislative and political food fights between various arts and outdoors groups are becoming an almost daily occurrence around the Capitol”.

So let me get this straight, you cut funding in a area and then when funding is returned people are going to fight over who get’s what? Shocking.

That’s not all . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . he then goes on to say

“I doubt Minnesota sportsmen had any idea that their outdoors and natural environment money was going to be used for, among other things, a million-dollar metro-area dog park, spending $150 million on windows and tuckpointing to rehab an historic hotel that is currently worth $55 million, or funding a museum to help teach Russians how to find Minnesota on a map.”

I’m curious as to whom approved (voted YES for) those projects? I’m even more curious as to how Mr. Buesgens voted on those issues.

What do you think about this fine potential for a mess our legislature is getting us into?

Should they be wasting time trying to repeal something that the voters approved just last year?

Should the law be repealed because, as was clearly stated by the last quote, our legislatures are a waste of space and air?