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By Jeff Fecke | February 20, 2009 • [Robert Stacy] McCain writes this genocidal diatribe as part of a post explaining that Glenn Greenwald is a “stereotypical self-hating Jew” for his post decrying the tacticdecrying the tactic of conflating anti-Semitism with being opposed to some Israeli policies.

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“Swear to God, if [Israelis] ever want a Gentile prime minister, my first order would be to deploy the IDF in a north-south line, facing east. My second order would be ‘forward march’ and the order to halt would not be given until it was time for the troops to rinse their bayonets in the Jordan. After a brief rest halt, the order ‘about face’ would be given, and the next halt would be at the Mediterranean coast.”That’s my ‘Middle East peace plan,’ and until it’s carried out, there will be no peace.”

–Robert Stacy McCain

McCain, as he himself says, is a gentile. Which makes the hurled epithet all the worse, and rather underscores Greenwald’s point:

People like Jeffrey Goldberg — and his comrades at places such as Commentary and the ADL — have so abused, over-used, manipulated and exploited the “anti-semitism” and “anti-Israel” accusations for improper and nakedly political ends that those terms have become drained of their meaning, have almost entirely lost their sting, and have become trivialized virtually to the point of caricature. That behavior has produced serious harm. Their trivialization and misuse of those terms have severely diminished the ability to stigmatize and attack real anti-Semitism, because legitimate accusations of anti-Semitism are now conflated with and discredited by the neocons’ cynical attempts to wield it as a cheap debating weapon. That’s a particularly dangerous — and ironic — outcome given that it has been spawned by many who have long claimed proprietary ownership over the “anti-Semitism” term in order, ostensibly, to protect it from trivialization.

Anti-Semitism is real and, unfortunately, still commonplace, even among those of us on the left who should know better. And I think David Schaub has done a great job with his pieces on Alas, a Blog talking about that. But Greenwald is also correct in saying there is a certain segment of far-right hawks who use the charge of anti-Semitism as a cudgel, wielding it not in support of equality for Jews, but in support of genocide against Palestinians. That’s about as far from working for equality as possible.