NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | North Minneapolis Hmong families celebrate new Hmong police officer


On August 31, 25 North Minneapolis Hmong soccer players came to Dessert with Don Samuels to meet and celebrate their new 4th precinct outreach officer. Kou Vang.

For three years, North Minneapolis Hmong families have been campaigning for a day Hmong officer in the 4th precinct. They have organized 100 person meetings with councilmembers Samuels, Hofstedt, and Johnson: gone downtown and made their case to Chief Dolan: and collected 1000 postcards for a Hmong officer and dropped them in Mayor Rybak’s lap.

Hmong Students Give Mayor Rybak 1000 Postcards for 4th Precinct Day Hmong Officer

Although nearly 75% of all Minneapolis Hmong live in North Minneapolis, there were no 4th precinct day Hmong officers before the arrival of Kou Vang. Hmong families believe that it is essential to have Hmong officers because many elderly Hmong as well as many families who have recently arrived in America speak limited English.. They say a Hmong speaking officer can overcome the language barrier and build communication, cooperation and trust between the MPD and the Hmong community. Many Hmong have also said that they feel more comfortable speaking with an officer who knows Hmong culture.

Officer Vang will be meeting with the Henry High Asian club this week, and over the next few weeks he will be visiting schools, soccer games, businesses, and homes.

Hmong Families Meet with Police Chief Dolan

Councimember Don Samuels in a Sea of Farview Soccer Players

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