More kudos for the Central Corridor concrete project


Met Council Chair and double-dipper Exec. Director at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Sue Haigh, boasted to the boosters of the Central Corridor project at their annual “stakeholders” event that her nonprofit organization is having a groundbreaking for a new building on the Central Corridor “Green (LRT) Line.”  Ironically, as a result of the Central Corridor project, the new building at the intersection of University and Prior will be harder to get to . The nearest LRT stop will be a quarter-mile away, and the local bus service that does stop at the intersection will be greatly reduced.  And for those who drive or bike, traffic congestion has worsened and the on-street parking and space to accommodate a bike lane has been eliminated. 

As an aside, on a St. Paul neighborhood listserve, a woman writes:

“We live in North St. Anthony Park. My daughter takes gymnastics classes at Hamline
University in the summer.  Hamline is 2 1/2 miles away… Busing at the time of
day her class starts takes over an hour to go 2 1/2 miles.” (emphasis added)

Chalk up another for the rocket scientists who routed the Central Corridor LRT on an existing bus line rather than providing more direct service to: Hamline University, the Fairgrounds, Como Park, the U of M St. Paul Campus, the soon to be demolished Midway Stadium and other poorly-served locations along the existing rail corridor. 

HOOYAH! The Brainpower State.