MN’s Dominican Community Christmas Party, Celebrating MN’s Diverse Latin@ Community


The Dominicanos Unidos en Minnesota celebrated Christamas with some 150 participants December 15, 2013 at the Dodge Nature Center in West St. Paul, MN. This was the first event like this by DUeM. They had a Dominican Picnic in the summer of 2013 too. The group only recently became recognized by the IRS (important for donations, etc). Though there have been other efforts in the past to get something like this going.

The Latin@ community in MN has grown has more than doubled since 1990 and wil continue to grow in the coming decades. We share many stories. Some of us come from all over outside the US and MN, some have roots here from a century ago. We are in every county in Minnesota. Even the label “Latino” is not conlcusive or inclusive of all.

Dominicanos Unidos en Minnesota highlights a great trend we are starting to see in Minnesota: the Latin@ community is a diverse community (if you want to box it in) and as communities grow, we come together to celebrate them, share with one and another. Minnesota has a long history of celebrating the/my Mexican community (and many times all Latin@s are unfairly lumped together with us–disculpas a todos!). It is great to see communities within the Latin@ family come together to organize each other and share with the rest of us (and many times have to educate those of us who are not part of these communities–like sometimes we use the same word for different things, which can get one in trouble at times!).

Other examples of this trend are the different groups created by Eduadorians, Puerto RIcans, Colombians and others. Last year there were a few Latin@s who made it to list of most influential people in MN. We are really a diverse community and leaders are taking on important things. We are an asset to our communities wherever we are and as we continue to grow in numbers, we will continue to contribute to our great state in many different ways.

Like Dominicans Unidos en MN’s facebook page and check out  more images from their Christmass party.

Well, here it is to more awesomness coming from our vibrant community in Minnesota!