List of mining documents inspected at Minnesota DNR


In November of 2013, PRM made public record requests from six state and federal agencies relating to ongoing or proposed mining operations in northern Minnesota, including the proposed “NorthMet” copper-sulfide mine. Our requests sought correspondence between various regulatory agencies and the mining companies that they oversee.

Document production begins

Within recent weeks, we have started to receive records responsive to our requests. First, the Minnesota pollution control agency produced several hundred pages of records, followed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Most recently, we were able to inspect a large volume of correspondence held by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. We have requested copies of the most relevant data, and expect to receive them soon.

PRM is currently undertaking the long, involved process of cataloging and reviewing the documents it has received, in preparation for on-line posting.

Record lists to be published

Due to extensive public interest in northern Minnesota mining operations, we are taking several steps to make our collections available to the public prior to their appearance on our site. First, we will be publishing lists of all of the documents that we currently posses, or that we have inspected and are scheduled to receive. In the event that members of the public, the press, or the policy community wish to inspect any of these documents prior to their appearance on-line, PRM can be contacted at PRM will make the documents available to any party that wishes to review them.

Interim record availability

Secondly, PRM is working to make its documents available in some interim electronic form until such time as it can post the records in an organized fashion on its site. We will have additional information on this soon.

DNR document list

A list of the documents that PRM has inspected at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is avaialable on our web site. The documents encompass several projects, including the proposed NorthMet mine and a Twin Metals exploration project. Documents are grouped according to the folder or file they were inspected in.