Is liquor really quicker?


by David | February 23, 2009 • Yesterday I had family visit and I thought it would be nice to open a good bottle of wine to go with our various cheeses. After a quick check I realized we didn’t have any reds that would go well and then I asked the question that most Minnesotan adults living near the border have asked themselves at some point in time, “Should I drive to Wisconsin?” is a cityblog for and about life in the Twin Cities, published by Erica Mauter. Contact

I opted against the drive,mainly because Wisconsin sucks(especially their sports teams and fans), but we would have had a nice glass of vino had I the option to go to my local liquor store.

Time addresses Blue Laws with this story Will the Recession Doom the Last Sunday Blue Laws? and mentions Minnesota as one of four states that could benefit.

I’ve long said that with all of the ’sin’ taxes on alcohol tossing back a few sudsy brews or a glass of the vine is not only relaxing, it’s downright patriotic.

We all want this recession to end, can ending Blue Laws help speed along the good times?