At-Large Write-in Candidate ELI KAPLAN the Right Choice for MPS


Next week’s city-wide school board election will require a bit more from Minneapolis voters. To elect the best city-wide candidate for school board on Nov. 6, voters will have to write in his name: ELI KAPLAN.

Eli Kaplan enters the city-wide school board race engaged and informed. Eli’s 40 + year involvement in MPS spans not only his time as a parent of three Minneapolis school students but years after his youngest (now in her 40’s) graduated from South Open. His volunteerism and leadership in MPS include memberships on the original Lake Harriet School Site Council, West Area Parent Advisory Council, Quality Schools Committee, Standards Committee, Citizen Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC) and as a volunteer at Henry High. Eli says, “I’m 80 years old. I have no business running for school board. But I have the knowledge, the commitment, the time, and the passion for public education. My own children are long gone from the schools, so my devotion is to the entire city.”

Eli brings a breadth of education finance experience as a school board candidate. His three decades on CBAC, nine years of which he was chair, gave him a deep understanding of not only how we finance schools but how we must continuously work to allocate resources to get the best outcomes for students. As a school board member, Eli would ensure decision-making based upon sound fiscal policy and would advocate for long term planning to allow for much needed stability in MPS. Eli Kaplan believes that student success requires the District to provide teachers with ‘tools, not rules” in order to support effective instruction while fostering creativity and flexibility in the classroom. Teachers must integrate arts and technology in to their classroom in order to engage our 21st century students so they relate to how and what they are learning. Finally, Eli knows student success depends upon better communication filtering from the board and administration down to every citizen so ALL schools get the much needed parent and community support. He remembers the Minneapolis Public Schools’ days of glory, when they were touted as one of the best city systems in the country. As a school board member, Eli Kaplan will work to restore MPS’s status as a model district.

Educate yourself on the best candidate for city-wide school board. Learn more about Eli Kaplan: visit discussions on the MPS Parent’s Forum and the Minneapolis e-democracy list, read Eli’s submissions to the Voter’s Guide in the Southwest Journal and the Patch, find him on Facebook: Eli Kaplan for Minneapolis Citywide School Board, or Google his web site: Eli Kaplan for School Board. You can always contact him directly at

I am supporting ELI KAPLAN on Nov. 6 by writing his name on the ballot under city- wide school board and checking the box. Join me. Write in the right person for our students: ELI KAPLAN.