Katherine Kersten: Gay Nazis will stop you from discriminating


In her column in Monday’s Star-Tribune, Katherine Kersten warns of a “troubling double standard” held by gay marriage activists.

“While they demand tolerance from others, many appear to view tolerance as a one-way street,” she writes.

According to Kersten’s timely column, published a week after the Supreme Court decided against broadcasting the Perry vs. Schwarzenegger trial or posting it on YouTube, the court was correct because witnesses for the defense would have to face the wrath of a thousand gay Nazis if their faces were visible on film. These same (LGBT) Nazis/KKK members are rampaging throughout California like mad, hate-seeking fascist elephants, trampling conservatives for their support of a measure that restricts the rights of LGBT Americans by locking them out of a federally sponsored institution.

As evidence, Kersten does point to racist abuse hurled at one infamous anti-Prop 8 protest two years ago, but saves nearly all of her pearl-clutching for activists’ efforts to publicly identify supporters of Prop 8, and highlight to their neighbors the presence of hate in their communities using pickets, signs and general public shaming. Heavens to Betsy, Kersten asks her readers, what would happen if your neighbors found out you didn’t support equal rights for all Americans?

You know, Katherine, they probably would have to think long and hard about their respect for you, given the kind of nation you and your fellow anti-LGBT Minnesotans think this is. Still, watch out for mustachioed elephants in white hoods. Most of us keep a few in our closets.