Irony File: Minneapolis Climate Chage Innovation Grant is changing the climate


I just submitted a proposal in response to the Minneapolis Request-for-proposals for ideas to reduce greenhouse gases on the neighborhood level.

The proposal did not allow electronic submission and required:

Six copies of:
* A cover Page
* A six page application form (the maximum but I challenge anyone to answer all their questions in less than 6 pages)
* Attachments (in our case, 4 letters of support from partners)

Plus, one copy each of:
* An organization chart (1 page)
* List of board members (1 page)
* Audit (11 pages)
* Annual report (we didn’t have one but assume a minimum of 4 pages)

A total of 83 sheets of paper. I had to drive downtown to drop off by 4 PM (I don’t know anyone who submits grant applications early– and saw three other neighborhood groups dropping off grant applications).

Think of all the paper, all the electricity for copiers and all the gas for driving downtown that could have been saved if we all could have submitted the greenhouse gas reduction applications via email.