Inside the Daily Planet, 12/22/10


MUSIC | Soul Asylum at First Avenue by Eric Petersen, TC Daily Planet • On Friday night, local heroes Soul Asylum played First Avenue in Minneapolis.

MUSIC | “I don’t like square boxes”: Kenn Wanaku drops a new disc by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet • One of the Twin Cities’ brighter guitar stars, Kenn Wanaku, has a new EP: Bei Samoh (SunPlugd). His second disc follows the striking, full-length debut Afrikan Guitarstrophy (SunPlugd), an imaginatively adventurous outing that enhanced an already strong reputation in Twin Cities music.

Q & A with Rapper Brother Ali: High school opens huge doors by Erika Roedl and Edwin Flowers of Twin Cities Academy and ThreeSixty staff, ThreeSixty • ThreeSixty reporters Erika Roedl and Edwin Flowers interviewed Brother Ali by phone this fall after he made a public service announcement supporting an effort by Minneapolis public schools to persuade people who have dropped out of school to return. The rapper left high school without a diploma. This is an edited version of their conversation.


MINNESOTA PROGRESSIVE PROJECT | The FCC’s plan to kill net neutrality by Eric Pusey • The age of the Internet is in danger. On Tuesday the FCC was considering net neutrality regulations. Service providers want to control bandwidth based upon a pay to play. You might have a harder time finding or reading progressive voices. as we won’t be able to pay.

POKING AROUND | Of the sun, the moon and the Celts by Mary Treacy • Monday was what Judith Viorst would call “a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day” all around. Yet another blizzard, Vikings and their fans masking the pain of a game played in the arctic outdoors, two hours in a futile visit to the dentist, non-functioning printers (3 total), flights delayed and just about everything cancelled…Clearly, it’s all the result of the first total lunar eclipse cum winter solstice in 400 years.

SAINT PAUL ALMANAC | Saint Paul Hotel by Chuck Tompkins • It’s 5:15 p.m. in the entryway of the old Saint Paul Hotel. It’s early winter, cold, and snowing. The lights across the street in Rice Park twinkle with the frost and people are rushing in to get warm and have the early evening cocktail at the famous bar where F. Scott Fitzgerald mulled over thoughts of The Great Gatsby. I just talked to the overworked, borderline frantic, new valet-parking operator, and he told me, “It will take a few minutes to get your car, we’re really busy.”

IGGERS DIGEST | Fine dining at Abbott Northwestern Hospital by Jeremy Iggers • Just got home from a six-day stay at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. This is a bit off-topic for a food blog, but let me say that I was deeply impressed by the quality of the care I got from everybody who took care of me – thanks to nurses Vanessa, Amanda, Rick and docs Tor and Paul – and everybody else. If you ever decide to have a medical emergency, this is definitely the place to go.

MINNESOTA BUDGET BITES | Unemployment Insurance makes up only a small piece of federal legislation by Steve Francisco • Now that Congress has passed the “framework agreement” on extending tax cuts and unemployment benefits, it’s a good time to understand the relative size of the various components of that package.