Inside the Daily Planet, 12/21/10


Former FBI agent Rowley and 134 others arrested at White House by staff, The Uptake • Former FBI Agent Coleen Rowley was one of 17 Minnesotans demonstrating in front of the White House, Thursday, December 16. She and 7 other Minnesotans were arrested and charged by the Washington police. All but two paid a $100 fine and were released. 135 people were arrested including Daniel Ellsberg and Chris Hedges. The group gathered at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue just as Washington’s first snow began to fall. Some protesters voluntarily locked themselves to the White House Fence. Signed post cards from thousands of peace supporters were thrown over the White House Fence. Rowley and the group returned to Minnesota to participate in the 12/18 peace rally at Hennepin and Lagoon.

MUSIC | Pauly D, “Rhode Island’s most well-known DJ,” shuts up and doesn’t dance by Bobby Kahn, TC Daily Planet • MTV’s Jersey Shore is a very polarizing show. There doesn’t seem to be much gray area between love and hate when it comes to this Italian-flavored, loud-mouthed, mostly-obnoxious reality television show. One of the show’s stars, Pauly D (born Paul DelVecchio), has been described as having “the mouth of a shark, the hair of a house fire, and the subtlety and class of neither.”

Online publishing popular with writers by Sadelle Schroeder, Minnesota Daily • University of Minnesota literary magazine Ivory Tower will print about 1,000 copies of their publication this year, less than half  of last year’s total, as a result of a tight budget and the increasing presence of online publishing, said Editor in Chief Phil Hart.


SAINT PAUL ALMANAC | Welcome to Mount Como by Aleli Balagtas • The sign mysteriously appears when the snow starts, at the foot of the golf club driveway, announcing the start of the ski season at Como Park: “Welcome to Mount Como.” When my husband tells a friend visiting from Switzerland, a snowboard instructor, that his kids took downhill ski lessons there, the Swiss fellow looks puzzled. “But there are no hills,” he says.

BARATARIA | Winter Solstice by Erik Hare • Tuesday is, for my family and me, the big Winter holiday. The Solstice is precisely at 23:38 GMT (5:38 PM CST) on 21 December, always right on schedule. At this moment, the northern hemisphere will be at its darkest, but also starts turning back towards the sun.

MENNONISTA | Learning from Cuba: Observations and reflections of my pilgrimage, part 1 by Steve Clemens • Two weeks before leaving to fly to Havana, many of those traveling together met at the Episcopal Cathedral in Minneapolis to talk about plans for the trip. As part of that gathering, we received our plane tickets and a schedule of our itinerary. Included in that was an essay adapted from material from Paul Strickland entitled “Why Do Pilgrimage?” It encouraged us to travel not as tourists but rather as pilgrims on a transformative journey. Rather than go as observers, we were urged to “become pilgrims who come with searching hearts.”

BLUESTEM PRAIRIE | Back from DC, Harmony farmer sees milk train wreck in $13.41 dairy futures for Q1 2011 by Sally Jo Sorensen • For the first quarter of 2011, Minnesota dairy farmers face a new low in dairy future prices, according to an article in Agrinews. Eunice Biel, the Harmony activist and family farmer interviewed for the piece, had something to say about it recently while participating in a USDA workshop about competition.

OUTSIDE THE WALLS | No One is an Island: Remembering at Christmas, 2010, an untimely death, and expressing a thousand “thank you’s” by Dick Bernard • Every year since 1977 I have crafted my own Christmas Card. Each year, something “catches” me and becomes the focus for that year. This years message is about “community” and how it entered three lives, years ago.