Inside the Daily Planet, 10/12/10


MUSIC | Mark Mallman’s Marathon 3: “This is just for fun” by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet • He made it! Photos from all four days of Marathon 3, including the final hours last night.

MUSIC | Ra Ra Riot start a fire (figuratively speaking) at the Varsity by Natalie Gallagher, TC Daily Planet • One thing’s for sure: Ra Ra Riot certainly know how to put on a show. Their show at the Varsity Theater on Thursday night showcased the standard pop energy that gave the Syracuse, New York band its name. Adding to the energy of the night were the two openers, the atmospheric We Barbarians from Long Beach, California and Chikita Violenta-a surprising and wonderful indie rock band from Mexico City.

Hmong community meets with Dayton/Legislative candidates by Dan Greenwood, TC Daily Planet • The economy and education were the two main issues raised at a forum for the Hmong community held on the east side of St. Paul October 9 with gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton. Hosted by the Hmong American Partnership and sponsored by Take Action Minnesota, the forum drew nearly 200 people from the Hmong community to hear Dayton’s responses to questions and concerns raised by members of the audience.

Minnesota and Alberta Tar Sands by Kevin Karner, TC Daily Planet • A September 22 forum at St. Thomas University, Alberta Tar Sands: Minnesota’s Dirty Oil Secret explored Minnesota’s dependence on the oil sands of Alberta.

NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Introducing Northeast Senior Services by Mary Treacy • “Northeast” is an altogether inclusive term when applied to the Northeast Senior Services, Inc., the dynamic community organization, housed in Windom Park and committed to “helping seniors live independently with dignity” in Northeast Minneapolis, Saint Anthony Village, Columbia Heights and New Brighton.  At the helm of NE Seniors is visionary leader Kay Anderson who has served as Executive Director of NE Seniors since 2006.  Her eyes sparkle and her ideas take life as she describes the organization’s current services and her vision for the future.


BLOG OF THE MODERATE LEFT | Soon we’ll be making another run by Jeff Fecke • When Randy Moss left the Vikings back in 2005, I wasn’t sorry to see him go. Oh, I might have been had I known the Vikings would use the pick they got from Oakland to draft Troy “Hands of Stone” Williamson, but for the most part, Vikings fans like me had grown tired of Moss’ antics. A fresh start was needed. It was time for him to go.

BARATARIA | Currency War by Erik Hare • There are many ways to fight a war. You can have an old-fashioned shooting war with a tremendous amount of destruction, or you can build deterrents and alliances through a more careful Cold War. When things get really bad, however, it’s far more traditional to have a Currency War. That’s what Brasil’s Finance Minister Guido Mantega called the world economy recently, putting a name and a bit of Brasilian bluntness to a situation that’s been brewing for a while.

LOON COMMONS | Agronomic arrogance by Brian DeVore • When a U professor took the microphone after last Sunday’s screening of Troubled Waters to accuse two southeast Minnesota dairy farmers of basically poisoning their own well, it was a rude reminder of the wide chasm that still separates the sustainable ag community and the U of M. That’s too bad: because if the film makes anything clear, it’s that only through the teamwork of farmers, eaters, policy makers and yes, scientists, will we really make inroads into solving ag-related water pollution problems.

HINDSIGHT 2020 | A future for the Ford plant by Mina Bakhtiar • About a month after Minnesota officials failed at convincing Ford to keep its Highland Park plant open, the site’s future remains uncertain. As various contenders debate a multitude of redevelopment scenarios, it’s essential to keep one question in mind: what plan for the site best moves Minnesota’s economy forward?

MINNESOTA BUDGET BITES | New study highlights unequal distribution of health in the Twin Cities by Nan Madden • Our recent analysis of new Census data highlighted how racial disparities continue to persist in Minnesota, and now a new report examines the issue more closely here in the Twin Cities. The new study – commissioned by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation and conducted by Wilder Research – examines the connections between health outcomes, neighborhood incomes, and race.