Inside the Daily Planet, 09/17/10


MUSIC | Nikki Schultz’s Lost and Found (and Lost Again) is an excellent offering by a strong performer by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet • My first time experiencing gifted vocalist Nikki Schultz, she was at the Cedar Cultural Center this summer, singing backup in soul balladeer Chastity Brown’s band for the release of the High Noon Teeth album. She wasn’t so much background as a healthy part of what made the music work as splendidly as it did. Distinct timbre, a real passion for emoting and, in general, a strong store of entertaining energy.

Forum focuses on potential for clean energy jobs by Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota • One solution to the nation’s unemployment crisis is the creation of clean energy jobs, but to achieve that goal everyone must be involved in the effort, participants in a Congressional forum agreed.

Week one by Luke Feuerherm, Minnesota Daily • Hours after the last class filed out, an eclectic bunch trickled into a classroom in Tate Hall. Toting Chinese food containers and sub sandwiches, they giggled wildly – even letting out the occasional snort.


FLYOVER LAND | “News to Me” by Amy Rea • Minneapolis Star Tribune books editor Laurie Hertzel recently published a memoir of her life in journalism. If you’re thinking it’s a book about someone who singlemindedly pursued a goal of a journalistic career from the get-go, complete with advanced degrees and crazed ambition, you’re in for a surprise. Hertzel’s journey, as the subtitle (“Adventures of an Accidental Journalist”) notes, was far from direct (although it should be noted that as a child, she was already publishing her own newspaper called, appropriately, “Newspaper”).

BARATARIA | Cities and the future by Erik Hare • Walking through the Downtown district of my city, Saint Paul, I can’t help but notice the many small changes that take place between each trip. We have been doing quite well lately, despite the economic problems, because a few people like Matt Anfang and Bob Spaulding (among many others) have been paying attention to details. Our Mayor, Chris Coleman, has done his best to put resources into play to keep things moving ahead as well. Storefronts are filling up and a few development projects are moving forward. We’re doing pretty well considering how tough it is out there.

HINDSIGHT 2020 | Emmer math error compounded, expanded by Jeff Van Wychen • A Hindsight post from June (“The Strange World of Emmer Math”) noted Rep. Tom Emmer’s erroneous claim that “Spending has almost doubled in the last decade in this state.” In fact, state spending has come no where near doubling. After adjusting for inflation and population growth, state spending is projected to grow at an average biennial rate of just 1 percent and an average annual rate of 0.5 percent from the biennium FY 2000-01 to FY 2010-11 biennium. Combined state and local real per capita spending has actually fallen since 2000 based on the most current data available from the U.S. Census Bureau.

OUTSIDE THE WALLS | A painting project in the garage by Dick Bernard • Of course, being an American garage, ours is a repository of the assorted flotsam and jetsam of family history, and that had to be moved, first. Moving that junk around was a major impediment for me. That junk was really what made the task “disagreeable.” Into the junk I dove, and amongst the treasures unearthed was this, a hastily made sign for a memorial march on October 25, 2002, the day U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife Sheila and several others were killed in a tragic plane crash ten days before the 2002 election. I was one of tens of thousands of marchers in a massive memorial that October evening.

MINNESOTA BUDGET BITES | Call on Congress to make fair and responsible tax decisions by Steve Francisco • Our nation faces two critical challenges: a fragile economic recovery and long-term budget deficits. As Congress faces important tax votes this fall, they should choose a path that supports our economic recovery by helping families who are struggling today and reforms our tax code to reduce the national debt. Please join our organizational sign-on letter that urges the Minnesota Congressional delegation to support the following positions.