Inside the Daily Planet, 08/06/10


OPINION | Protecting the credibility of the MPD by Council Member Cam Gordon, Southside Pride • In general, we are served well by the large majority of police officers who work in our neighborhoods every day. The more that the police can build trusting and effective partnerships with the people they serve the better they will be able to help make this a safer, better city for everyone.

OPINION | Is the MPD out of control? by Ed Felien, Southside Pride • Is the Minneapolis Police Department out of control?

BOOKS | Post-punk poet Steve Healey on “unoriginality” and his new collection 10 Mississippi by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet • Steve Healey’s volume of poetry, 10 Mississippi (Coffee House Press), has been well-recieved with glowing reviews. Veteran author Dara Wier says, “This is a powerful book, a great book of urgent knowledge. What art does to us when it tells us awful things in ways so beautifully made creates a rip in our spirit where deeper and real truth can get in. Healey brings together children’s games, survival tactics, reports of war, reports of violence on the Mississippi River, various instances of hide-and-seek, tensions between hunter and prey, in language tuned up to exquisitely arresting and inevitable wavelengths. I love 10 Mississippi.”

Purses–An unusual collection by Gail Olson, The Northeaster • Long-time Columbia Heights resident Marge Glynn has two passions: purses and shopping. A thrifty shopper with an eye for a good deal, she has accumulated an amazing collection of gently-used (or in some cases, likely not used at all) dressy purses from thrift stores.


BLUESTEM PRAIRIE | Bachmann a no-show at Farmfest, Tarryl Clark steals the show by Sally Jo Sorensen • As someone who watched news releases from Farmfest come into her mailbox, I think Clark is too kind about Bachmann’s absence at Farmfest this year. Election year or not, Bachmann consistently is a no-show to the ag event, election year or not.

BARATARIA | Sinking in? by Erik Hare • Is the Depression becoming internalized?  It may just be a feeling or it may be the people I know, but I’ve been seeing a lot more symptoms of depression in the world around me.  Friends and acquaintances have detached themselves gradually from the hyper-connected world and pushed back on anything not right in front of them.  Some are clearly having trouble coping with even simple things that they used to enjoy.  Calls and e-mails are rarely answered with any kind of consistency or speed.

HINDSIGHT 2020 | What food stamp cuts will mean for Minnesota by Senta Knuth • In a desperate effort to expand Medicaid funding and maintain teacher jobs, the Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that would cut funding for the federal food stamp program (officially called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP), by a whopping $11.9 billion by 2020. Why would it consider such a measure?

FULL FRONTAL FRINGE | Welcome to the 2010 Minnesota Fringe Festival! These are some things I’m excited about by Kate Hoff • What to see, what to see…these are some of the shows I’m excited about.

THE TEEN FRINGER | Out-of-Towners’ Showcase by Rachel Reiva • I was unable to attend the Out-of-Towners’ Showcase at Bedlam last night, but I sent my mother to preview the teens shows presented there.

THE TEEN FRINGER | Disordered [thy name is teenager]: A show about teens by Rachel Reiva • Blank Slate Theatre is definitely an up-and-coming company.