Inside the Daily Planet, 03/01/11


MOVIES | More Oscars attendees, from Celine Dion to Christian Bale to Colin Firth to The Donald by Jeff Rutherford, TC Daily Planet • Stars walk the red carpet at the 83rd Academy Awards.

MOVIES | Red carpet arrivals at the Academy Awards: Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, Mark Wahlberg, and more by Jeff Rutherford, TC Daily Planet • Up close and personal with the Hollywood elite.

Mpls firefighters share tricks of trade with Kenyans by Charles HallmanMinnesota Spokesman-Recorder • It took him 10 years – actually his entire life – but this winter Wallace “Jack” Jackman finally set foot on African soil. Jackman, the MSR’s co-publisher emeritus, was part of a seven-member delegation that traveled to Eldoret, Kenya last month to help train that city’s firefighters. “I found the whole trip overwhelming and exciting,” he points out.

U bucks national trend, sheds jobs by Graison Hensley Chapman, The Minnesota Daily • While colleges nationwide look to expand their workforce, posting more jobs last year than any time since 2005, the University of Minnesota has cut back.

Committee receives update on emerald ash borer by Susan Hegarty, Session Weekly/Session Daily • The House Agriculture and Rural Development Policy and Finance Committee got a first-hand look at a small, half-inch pest that’s to blame for the removal of hundreds of ash trees in St. Paul and Houston County.

LGBT activists question Target’s new giving policies by James SannaThe • Last week, Target Corp announced what some are billing as a major change in their corporate giving policies, in an attempt to avoid a repeat of last summer’s public relations fiasco, following their donation of $150,000 to anti-LGBT Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for Governor. However, at least one LGBT political group is skeptical that the changes will prevent similar anti-LGBT actions by the company.

Federal cuts threaten public radio and television budgets by Ashley Aram, The Minnesota Daily • Whether it’s watching Antiques Road Show on a Monday night or turning the dial to 89.3, 170 million Americans tune in to public broadcasting every month.


DOWNSTREAM | When knowing comes in last by Emilio DeGrazia • It’s an unusual parent who is not alarmed when a daughter calls home from her college dorm to announce that she’s decided to major in unemployment. “Religious studies, Dad. This class I’m taking on Judaism, Christianity and Islam–I can’t get enough of it.”

SAINT PAUL ALMANAC | The Hmong wedding by Bao Vang • My wedding day began at 1 a.m., when I got up for work as anchor and producer of Sunrise 7, the morning show on WSAW-TV, based in Wausau, Wisconsin. After my shift ended at 9 a.m., I met up with my fiancé, Noah, to say goodbye until our wedding night, then headed for my mother’s home in Saint Paul.

BLUESTEM PRAIRIE | Witness in Wisconsin: “Democracy is crowded” by Kris Fultz • I just got back from a day of peace, love, solidarity and frozen toes in Madison with 100,000 people! Marched around the square with my sister-in-law’s union: she’s a nurse.

HINDSIGHT | Green your home, but consider location, location, location by Riordan Frost • The old “it’s all about location” mantra holds especially true when considering your impact on the environment. An interesting new study reveals technology can only go so far to reduce energy consumption.

CRAZY BOY FARM | Peanut butter from Champions by Amy Doeun • A few years ago my mother invested in a Champion juicer. We really enjoyed the amazing juices from it for a long time like celery, carrot and apple juice. But in time we began making juices less and less. About this time I discovered it made wonderful peanut butter and lately that has been its main purpose. It gives me a good excuse (not that I need one) to go over to my mother’s house.