Inside the Daily Planet, 02/25/11


MUSIC | Josh Ritter at First Avenue: So happy by Kate Gallagher, TC Daily Planet • Why didn’t I start listening to this guy years ago instead of months ago? Why isn’t everyone I know listening to Josh Ritter? And how can he be so happy?

THEATER | History Theatre’s Adrift on the Mississippi tells the true story of slaves who escaped to Minnesota by Jeanette Fordyce, TC Daily Planet • On February 19, over 300 people attended the History Theatre’s telling of Reverend Robert Hickman’s escape from slavery in 1863 from Missouri with 75 people on a crude raft traveling north in search of freedom along the Mississippi River.

MOVIES | Academy Awards and social networking: Where the Oscar comes to you by Barb Teed, TC Daily Planet • You’re invited to join me on the Red Carpet at the 83rd Academy Awards-at least virtually. A new interactive feature will provide an experience to online audiences during the live Oscar show never before available.

STYLE | University of Minnesota fashion design senior spotlight: Allison Danzl by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet • If these clothes were in a movie, what would the movie be named? Preppies Gone Wild.

THEATER | Mad Munchkin and Eclectic Edge present an ode to winter, with dancing and puppets by Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet • I found myself charmed, despite my misgivings about the timing of the show, by the enthusiasm that the dancer and puppeteers had toward our horrible, wonderful climate here in Minnesota.

Project to better document Chinese American History in Minnesota by Staff, Asian American Press • The ROC Centennial group is working in partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society on the “100 Years of Chinese American History in Minnesota from 1911 – 2011”, with a special emphasis on the oral and photographic history of Chinese American settlers.


WILDER MOMENTS | Health care policy development: we can’t just call names by Paul Mattessich • In a voice mail last week, a caller stridently informed me that “This is America.” This individual had read comments in my January 1st blog, regarding health care. The caller stated: “You know, a federal judge in Florida just declared Obamacare unconstitutional.” Undoubtedly skilled in political philosophy, he then informed me of his overall conclusion: “This is not socialism; it’s not fascism. This is America.”

CRAZY BOY FARM | Azariah Acres Farm by Amy Doeun • As we continue our farming journey we decided it would be great fun this year to visit more farms. Also it helps us make connections and purchase more of our food from other farmers, something we have been meaning to do for quite awhile. So this Saturday we journeyed to Azariah Acres farm.

HINDSIGHT | Moving Minnesota’s Internet forward by Riordan Frost • Several of those agencies and departments better known by their initials helped launch the country’s first nationwide broadband map last week-the NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration), the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

MN PROGRESSIVE PROJECT | Indiana House Democrats flee state to halt union-busting bill by Shelly Mategko • Indiana became a battleground Tuesday in what is rapidly becoming a nationwide assault on worker’s rights.

POKING AROUND | Northeast Minneapolis Arts District features art and eats by Mary Treacy • It might be said that the fortunate residents of Northeast Minneapolis “marinate” in art.  The area is home to countless artists who are at the ready to share their talents and commitment to their profession with their neighbors.  The tie that binds – also plans, promotes and shares the riches – is the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA). Though keeping up with the arts in Northeast a comprehensive listing of Northeast art events is a fool’s mission, some examples offer a glimpse of the possibilities.