Inside the Daily Planet, 02/11/11


Precious Waters: film examines Iron Range mining proposal by Anne Holzman, Park Bugle • Fearing jobs may soon trump wildlife in the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe Area, St. Anthony Park residents have arranged a second screening of the film Precious Waters, which explores the potential impact of the copper-nickel extraction proposed by PolyMet Mining Co. near Babbitt, Minn. The proposal is now under review by state and federal agencies.

Cyberbullying is for cowards by Simon Lancaster, ThreeSixty • Alfred Olson, 16, was visiting an online forum, “Forum Springs,” when an anonymous person told him: “Screw you, you suck.”

Politics in the theater: spotlight’s on gay and immigrant communities by Cynthia Boyd, MinnPost • Stories of Latinos in America today, from immigrants to undocumented workers to a gay Chicano, are meant to entertain.

MOVIES | 83rd Academy Awards Governors Ball preview by Barb Teed, TC Daily Planet • The Governors Ball is the first party on the roster for post-Oscar festivities. Some 1,500 guests will wine and dine on food headed up by Master Chef Wolfgang Puck and Executive Pastry Chef Sherry Yard. Attendees will enjoy floral arrangements by florist Mark Held. Home entertaining is by Moet & Chandon.

MOVIES | Gwyneth Paltrow to sing live on Oscar night by Barb Teed, TC Daily Planet • Gwyneth Paltrow will perform “Coming Home” from the film Country Strong on stage at this year’s Academy Awards, telecast producers Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer announced.


PLUMB TUCKERED OUT | The 2011 Medtronic Marathon… why? WHY?! by Melanie Danke • Well, the deed is done. Hubby and I are officially registered for the Twin Cities marathon this October. To “celebrate” I knocked off ten miles on the treadmill yesterday. Right around mile eight, I started to seriously question the whole endeavor.

DOWNSTREAM | Chicken soup for the body by Emilio DeGrazia • My mother had simple remedies for all my troubles. “Eat,” she would say. “I fixa da chicka soup to make you good. If you don eat you gonna die. I kill you if I see you wid dat Americano junky food. You eat da soup and go sleep. Domani you feel gooda, ma-sure.”

TEN QUESTIONS ABOUT… | Vulcanus Rex overthrows King Boreas by Ann Treacy • Over the weekend we saw an historic battle between King Boreas, cool ruler of the winter and Vulcanus Rex, bawdy bringer of spring. This is a battle that has been going on for 125 years.

THINK FORWARD | Public health cost of global (corn) trade by Sarah Clark • Last week Mexico paid a U.S.-based corn processor, Corn Products International, Inc. (CPI) $58.4 million in accordance with a 2009 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) tribunal decision. The case illustrates the important intersection of U.S. trade policy with food and public health.

SINGLE WHITE FRINGE GEEK | Rented lips and the merits of tongue: Building same-sex intimacy onstage in my play Leave by Matthew A. Everett • You know things have progressed to the next comfort level when they start placing a hand on the back of one another’s necks, or touch someone’s face, or run a hand through their hair.

SINGLE WHITE FRINGE GEEK | All the theater I’m missing by Matthew A. Everett • The wonderful thing about Minneapolis theater is that there are always so many productions going on at once. The horrible thing about Minneapolis theater is that there are always so many damn shows going on at once.

SINGLE WHITE FRINGE GEEK | Fringe 2011: Happy birthday to my Fringe sidekick! by Matthew A. Everett • I suppose most people wouldn’t call their Mom their sidekick, but for as long as I’ve been blogging about the Fringe, Mom’s been seeing Fringe shows with me. This will be Fringe #9 for Mom, and she has seen a lot of shows in the previous eight years. And she’s looking forward to seeing a lot more.

SINGLE WHITE FRINGE GEEK | My play Leave-Things that make it real by Matthew A. Everett • Seeing the set for my play for the first time always blows my mind.

SINGLE WHITE FRINGE GEEK | Fringe 2011: Apparently size does matter by Matthew A. Everett • Are Minnesotans, or Fringers in general, just shy?