I went to a wedding yesterday


The son of one of my wife’s friends and former law partner got married yesterday. I paid extra close attention because the bigots had warned of all kinds of dire consequences if marriage equality became the law.

Now I realize that the gays can’t get married until August, but just wanted to see if there were any signs of civilizations imminent demise.

Everything looked pretty normal.

The bride looked GEORGEOUS! She wore a stunning dress that looked really difficult maneuver in. Her smile lit up whatever room she happened to be in. While the groom looked kind of dazed, he looked handsome. All completely normal.

The odd thing and maybe a sign of the coming collapse of civilization is the bridesmaids and groomsmen didn’t look like idiots. The cliche is that you make the attendants look ridiculous to make the bride and groom stand out more. Then again … maybe they just had good taste.

Maybe the sign of the coming collapse was how long it took for the food to arrive. Wait. Nope. That’s pretty normal for large catered events.

I’ll continue to monitor this as we get closer and closer to Armageddon August.