How will you explain it?


Thanksgiving… a day to reflect and give thanks for what one has. A day in which you have no room for greed. Wait I take that back Thanksgiving this year wasn’t even allowed a day in for which “Black Frday” shoppers were in line hours before Walmart opened at 10 pm Thanksgiving day. For a majority of black friday shoppers everything went very smooth you grabbed your things and stood in line in what seemed like forever. Yet there were cases of people pepperspraying others for things ( such as a Xbox), or simply walked over people who had colapsed just so you could get that T.V. My question though is how will you explain your actions to your grandchildren when they ask why? Or how do we as a people explain to our children/grandchildren that we have a holiday to be thankfull for everything then the day after you throw everything thing out the window and run over people to get what you want. Yet events like these bring me to question other questionable things people do.

Gay Marriage- Setting my own personal beliefs aside I wonder how a group of people can get together and protest someone else wanting to get married. When it comes down to it does the gay married couple down the street really affect you day to day life? If you believe that marriage is between man and woman then that is your belief but don’t go around forcing it on everyone else. I remember watching a video on Youtube of a group of young men throwing rocks at goers to the the Gay pride parade. I was first angred at their actions and then wondered what were their parents teaching them? Sorry but children don’t come in to this world naturally hating others its taught. One note- marriage is not a right.

Citizen Haters- People that come to this country/ some who are even born here and hate America. My soulution for that is just leave. I am proud of my country and of the military that protects it. Do you not realize that the same country you complain about gives you the right to freedom of speech and our men and women are over seas fighting to keep that right?

There are many more topics that I could go on and on about but at the current moment I have a 7 month old wanting my attention. If you have a topic that you want to know my thoughts on just let me know.

Peace~Hope~and Love.