How well do we know our neighbors?


I have tried to resist the urge to write about this but sometimes I have something to say and because of that I can’t write about anything else. The recent events in Cleveland Ohio where three woman were held captive in a residential neighborhood for a decade really got me thinking.

Could something like that happen in my neighborhood? Yes it could. The young woman who escaped captivity last week are not the only people who were ever held captive in a house. There have been news reports over the years of serial killers who were able to kill people in residential areas and get rid of the remains without anyone every knowing.

The block I live on feels pretty solid yet I have one neighbor who has not opened a single window shade ever in the 23 years. Over the weekend I saw a couple moving out of a nearby home that I swear I have never seen but my husband tells me they have lived there for three years. I know my next door neighbors and I have known them for decades and I know most of the people who live on my block but not everyone.

Sure we have national night out but that is only once a year and years ago we used to all participate but in the last few years participation has been low.

I won’t go around saying that it would be impossible for anyone in my neighborhood to hold someone hostage in one of the houses. I know better and I am going to pay more attention to what is going on around me. If anything bad happened to a child on my block and I could have stopped it I would never forgive myself. No I am not responsible for everything that happens in the neighborhood. We are all responsible and responsible neighbors pay attention and get involved.