Hmong Girls Day Out: Spring Rolls At University Of Minnesota UROC


It was Hmong Girls Day Out on Saturday March 14 as a group of North Minneapolis Hmong girls cooked up a healthy and tasty lunch of spring rolls and yogurt parfait at the University of Minnesota’s Research and Outreach-Engagement Center.

The Hmong girls got a helping hand from Yeng Moua, who works with University of Minnesota Extension.

It was a chance for the girls to get away from their chores and their annoying brothers and have some fun together. And it was also a chance to learn some valuable information and  skills that the whole family can use.

The week before, the girls and Yeng negotiated the details of the cook-a-thon.  The girls chose the main course – spring rolls – and Yeng chose the dessert – yogurt parfait.

Healthy and delicious

The girls then got busy inviting their friends, while Yia pulled together the groceries and the supplies.

For two hours Saturday morning the girls sorted, chopped, boiled, and assembled,  All through the cooking process Yeng demonstrated techniques on cleaning, cooking, maximizing nutrition and minimizing fat and waste. They used UROC’s state-of-the-art test kitchen.

A work of art

Finally the girls got a chance to relax as they enjoyed their creations.


The girls voted that they wanted their next Hmong Girl’s Day out to be a trip to the Mall of America and the aquarium.

Raise your hand if you want to go to Mall of America!

University of Minnesota Extension provides hands-on classes to help families with limited financial means to make healthy food choices.

The University of Minnesota research and Outreach-Engagement Center is located in North Minneapolis at 2001 Plymouth Ave. N.