From gender bias to beer and biking: Round-up time!


by Erica Mauter | March 3, 2009 •

* Read this from the MN Daily, and then this from Charles Carlson’s campaign website (or the note he just sent his facebook group), and now tell me who actually believes that Charles Carlson is off to officiate tennis tournaments around the world? Also, outstanding work by the Daily and I’m already bored with the fingerpointing at the mainstream media for biffing on the story. is a cityblog for and about life in the Twin Cities, published by Erica Mauter. Contact

* I’m late getting word out on this one, but I’ll mention it today just because I think it’s a really interesting topic. Via Dennis Jansen: Guthrie Theater and West LegalEdcenter Offer Event Exploring Women’s Issues and Discrimination – “The Guthrie Theater and West LegalEdcenter join forces on March 3 in a unique theater-based continuing legal education (CLE) course for attorneys that employs theater literature including Wendy Wasserstein’s play Third to explore the perception of female professionals, gender bias against women and the impact that female role models in theater, society and law have on discrimination.” I hope Dennis plans on reporting back.

* – Yet another place to find out about social biking activities. And by “social” I don’t mean “meet your friends by the Tin Fish.” I mean hardcore hipster bikers (and wannabes) who have beer koozies on their straps and ride at night because it’s more fun. I’m totally not a hipster biker wannabe, but I like the beer koozie. But then I hate beer in a can, so it’d probably be more like a Coke Zero. I’ll just stop now.

* is “a new online curated art gallery. Our purpose? To inspire artists and anyone else with great visual simulations provided from the best artists in and around the Twin Cities.” [twitter: @mnpixels]

* Seems like the fervor over the federal economic stimulus plan has died down, but the more interesting part is yet to come. Folks have been voting on “shovel-ready” projects submitted by the state of Minnesota over at The negative votes are way more interesting than the positive votes. Seems people really hate the idea of that Spirit Mountain snowmaking and maintenance facility in Duluth (-781 votes) and a golf course clubhouse and maintenance shop replacement in Roseville (-352 votes). The most loved is the 10th Ave tunnel system rehabilitation project in Minneapolis (+106 votes).

* So there’s this whole “small twitterverse” story about how MinnPost writer David Brauer was having chest pains and it turned out his ambulance driver was one of his twitter friends (er, “tweeps”), which is a neat little story. Another interesting tidbit to come out of that is that said tweep, Duke Powell, is now writing at Anonymized stories of his daily life as a paramedic. Cool stuff. I just finished first responder training, so it’s particularly interesting to me. You’d hope you’d not need the services of a paramedic but wouldn’t it be kinda cool if you showed up here?

* Follow Saint Paul Classic Cookie on Twitter: @spclassiccookie! This is what I love to see from businesses on Twitter; behind the scenes looks and heads up on deals and sales.

* MicroGrants “connects the affluent with the low-income by providing a monetary grant to low-income individuals of potential in helping them become self-sufficient.” They partner with existing non-profits who provide referrals for high-potential grant recipients. It’s pitched to affluent donors as a high-return investment (in terms of positive results, not so much monetarily). This is not microlending. These are grants, not loans. We’ve heard all kinds of stories about how this works in developing nations. Why couldn’t it work here?