FOIA update: FBI reviewing Marv Davidov records


In 2012, PRM submitted a public records request to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for access to the files of deceased political activist Marv Davidov.  During his life, Davidov had been active in a variety of causes, including civil rights and anti-war activities. 

The FBI responded to PRM’s records request in March of 2012, and by September of that year indicated that the agency held over 11,000 pages of responsive records.  Subsequent conversations with FBI personnel led PRM to reduce the number of records sought to around 7,000 pages.  This narrowed set excluded court records from a 1980s-era lawsuit over FBI surveillance that were already housed at the Minnesota Historical Society.

PRM checked on the status of the request in April of this year, and was notified by David Hardy of the FBI that a bureau analyst was examining the records to “confirm that all records are responsive” and to “apply exemptions allowed” under the FOIA 

Mr. Hardy further noted that “if your request is for sensitive national security information, then the records must undergo a systematic declassification review” prior to release.  Even so, Mr. Hardy noted that the bureau expected to make an initial document release in June of 2014.