FOI correspondence


On August 13th, we mailed a variety of documents to government agencies:

We followed up with the Office of Legal Counsel to see if they had a more specific time frame for responding to our April 23rd FOIA request for legal opinions regarding the scope of the NDAA’s detention authorities. Earlier, the OLC told us that they would not be able to comply with the 20-day statutory requirement for responding to our FOIA request.

We also asked the U.S. Department of Homeland Security when they were planning to act on the recommendations of Administrative Law Judge Michael Devine, who had sided with us in a 2011 FOIA dispute with DHS. Judge Devine remanded our FOIA request back to DHS for further action after he had accepted our argument that the redaction of e-mail addresses in a DHS document violated the FOIA.

Finally, we submitted a new Minnesota Data Practices request to the Minnesota Department of Human Services. This request sought proposals submitted by vendors responding to the RFP issued by DHS for actuarial services related to reviewing Minnesota’s public health care programs.