The Fallacy of Republicans


The basis of a democratic society is that the people are in charge of the government. This works best if society is well educated. A democratic society should elect people into office based on being well informed and well educated. It is in the best interest of society to have a well educated and well informed society. I guess that’s why Republicans are against education, because they are against democracy. It makes sense to have education be accessible and affordable, unless you want the populus to remain ignorant so that they will vote for your political candidate. Republicans do not want to make education accessible or cheap, they do not want you to succeed. Education, all education, should be FREE. Health care should be FREE. We should want to better society by making our citizens both healthy and educated. If politicians really wanted the economy to imrpove, they would make education accessible for everyone. Let me tell you, graduating from college with thousands of dollars in debt is not much of an incentive to get a higher education.

I have Type 1 diabetes, and because of that it isnot going to be easy for me to get health insurance because of my pre-existing condition. That’s because insurance companies are a joke. Let me give you an example. Insurance companies put a limit on how many test strips and how much insulin you can get at one time. However, it is the insurance companies that should want you to have better health because it will cost them less in the long run. It makes NO SENSE to limit the amount of test strips, therefore limiting the amount of times you can test your blood sugar, therefore limiting how well you can control your diabetes, therefore making it more likely that there will be complications and tehrefore making it more likely that the insurance companies will have to pay more money later. If you are sick, if you have low blood sugar, or if you have high blood sugar, you WILL test your blood sugar more, and you can use 10-15 test strips a day, but your insurance only covers4-6 times per day. No one wants to visit the doctor because it costs money, so they are sick, get more sick and never get well and miss work and that causes a decline in productivity and harms the economy. We WANT healthy citizens, it makes SENSE to have healthy, educated citizens to better society.

Let me tell you a little bit about why I am NOT voting for Mitt Romney, even though I am sick of hearing about politics and hearing the lies of politicians and I want this election to be OVER. Mitt Romney ir mormon, but that is not why I am voting for Obama. I just thin it’s interesting that the conservatives that are generally up in arms about religion have failed ot notice this small fact. If the democratic candidate was Mormon, we would never hear the end of it. Remember J.F.K.? I wans’t necessarily alive, but I care about history to know that everyone was opposed to electing him because he was Catholic and therefore would respond to the Pope. Well J.F.K. didn’t have magic underwear and he did not believe in a reigion that allowed polygamy and thnks you will get your own planet when you die. But this is not why I am voting for Obama. I am voting for Obama because I care about my future, my planet, and my children. Romney had no qualms about making fun of Obama because he wants to stop the rising oceans, Romeny wants to help families. Tell me, how is helping to save the planet hurting families? When the planet FLOODS how will that help families? Romney does not look to the future, he does not care about the planet, he wants to keep using COAL. Well Mr. Romney, what happens when the coal runs out? When the temperatures start to rise, will you pose with a can of soup and pretend to help? What will you do then? Take away more of our constitutional rights? Or deny that science is happening. Climate change is a theory, well yes. So is gravity.I am voting for Obama because I am a woman and because I don’t want politicians telling me what I can and cannot do. I can make my own choices.I am voting for Obama because I think that everyone should have the right to marry. Marriage in the Bible was enacted as a way of legitimizing rape, and yes I can say that as a Christian because I do not believe that the Old Testament is applicable to life today. It also endorses salvery and stoning our neighbors, tell me how is that showing love? Marriage is a LEGAL bond, what happened to the separateion of church and state? If Christians want marriage to be the sacred union between a man and a woman, then call is a civil union, because that’s what it is. There is a clear distinction between the political and the religious portins of marriage. Tell me, when the divorice rate  is close to 50%, where is the sanctity of marriage? Affairs are more common than ever, how is the sanctity of marriage rpeventing that? There is not sanctity of marriage any more. Marriage is a legal rights for everyone. 

If you vote Republican, you are voting against yourself. If you are voting Republican I will not change your mind, because neither facts nor logic have changed your mind so far and therefore I don’t know what will. Next election it will be the same arguments. If you are going to comment with something negative, don’t. I don’t care, no one else cares, save your time and get an education instead. This is 2012 A.D. not B.C.