Drone lawsuit – pre-trial conference


The pre-trial conference for Public Record Media v. U.S. Department of Justice was held on August 14, 2012 at the federal courthouse in Minneapolis. Chief Magistrate Judge Arthur J. Boylan presided. J.T. Haines appeared on behalf of Public Record Media. DOJ trial attorney Amy Powell appeared on behalf of the government. Both parties briefly discussed the state of the case. Afterward, Judge Boylan issued his pre-trial scheduling order, which set out the following briefing schedule:

The Defendant’s motion for summary judgment is to be filed on or before September 21;

The Plaintiff’’s responsive memorandum is due on or before October 19;

The Defendant’s reply memorandum is due on or before November 2. The Plaintiff’s reply memorandum is to be filed by November 16, along with any other dispositive motions.

A cross-motion for summary judgment by the Plaintiff would need to be filed on or before October 19.

PRM has indicated an interest in moving for discovery in the case. Per Judge Boylan’s order, discovery has been stayed pending determination of dispositive motions.