The Day of the Dead


In Mexican culture we have many traditions, but one of the most important is when we celebrate The Day Of The Dead. This is when Mexican families honor the members of the family who are already dead. We celebrate this tradition from October 31 to November 2. We honor our dead families members with “ofrendas.”

Before we make an ofrenda, We go to the market to buy fruits, bread, food and sugar candies that come in beautiful figures that Mexican families call “calaveritas” (skulls heads). It comes with that name of the person who is already dead on the forehead of the “calaverita.”

Mexican families honor their dead members with a ritual called ofrendas. This means that every Mexican family has to set an ofrenda in their home. It can be in the kitchen or living room. First, you set a table and you start decorating the table with flowers, candles, fruits, bread, candies and the favorite dishes that the person loved to eat when he or she was alive.

Mexican families also celebrate during these days the “Little Angel” and the “Big Angels.” The “Little Angel” is the little children’s angel. The spirits of the “little angels” are supposed to come from October 31 to November 2 to smell the food or stuff that you put in the ofrendas. And the “Big Angels ” are the adult dead persons. Their Spirit comes to your house November 1 to November 2 to eat or smell the ofrendas.

Finally, on November 2 , all Mexican families go to the cemetery to celebrate our dead family members. We bring to the cemetery food, drinks, fruits, candies and Mexican dishes. So Mexican families spend all their day in the cemetery. We pray to our dead people and play music. We clean the graves, and put flowers, holy water, candles and pictures around the graves. This celebration is part of our Mexican culture.

My name is Patricia. I’m from Mexico. I have lived in Minnesota for eight years. I work in Hennepin County Medical Center. I am taking ESL Classes at MCL School at Rondo Library to improve and learn English to get a better job, go to college and get a degree as a Spanish interpreter. From now on, I will write my own blogs, and current events, what is happening around the world.