COMMUNITY VOICES | City View residents celebrate new soccer field, razing La Montaña


This past Monday, August 5, over 70 residents of City View apartments and their supporters gathered to celebrate the razing of La Montaña and the installation of soccer goals and a grassy field for neighborhood youth and families to play on. The neighbors were joined by councilmember Don Samuels, and the event was covered by Jessica Miles and Channel 5 news.

Soccer players thank councilmember Samuels for his help

La Montaña sas a 30 foot tall pile of construction debris, nearly as high as the three story tall City View apartments next door. The construction rubble was left over from when the Heritage Park housing was built several years ago. Hidden behind the weeds was a hangout where men partied, slept and drank. The hangout was littered with beer cans, liquor bottles, bedding, toilet paper, underwear and used hypodermic needles. Families were concerned their young children could poke themselves with the used needles.

La Montaña, nearly as tall as City View apartments

Starting in the spring of 2012, residents of City View apartments worked with Councilmember Don Samuels to get La Montaña taken down.

Councilmember Samuels meets with City View soccer players on the Bethune soccer field

The City View soccer players were leaders in the drive to raze La Montaña, meeting with councilmember Samuels in his office and on the soccer field, giving him tours of the site, documenting problems, and keeping the councilmember up to date on developments. The soccer players also talked with both English and Spanish language media about City View’s problems with La Montaña

City View soccer players interviewed by Alberto Monserrate at AM 1400 La Invasora

Last fall, residents of City View apartments cheered as they watched a steam shovel, a bulldozer and other construction equipment ripping into La Montaña. It took two weeks for La Montaña to be leveled.

City View soccer players and councilmember Samuels inspect steam shovel ripping apart La Montaña

This spring, grass seed was laid down on the field which replaced La Montaña.

The first week of August, Minneapolis Parks donated two soccer goals and set them up where La Montaña once towered.

Minneapolis Parks donating and delivering soccer goals

This past Monday City View neighbors gathered to enjoy the new recreational area and take pride in what their hard work had accomplished.

Soccer action at City View Field

The highlight of the celebration was the inaugural first soccer game played with the newly installed soccer goals. Councilmember Don Samuels dropped the ceremonial first ball, then refereed the game.

City View soccer players being interviewed by Channel 5’s Jessica Miles

After the game, everybody gathered to enjoy tamales, beans and rice. Residents thanked councilmember Samuels for all his hard work, and Minneapolis Parks for donating the soccer goals.

Lining up for tamales, rice and beans


Now area kids play soccer and have fun every day where once garbage and danger lurked.

City View apartments are located in North Minneapolis

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