Big thinking about change


Today’s short and sweet blog post simply draws attention to some compelling articles I’ve read lately about creative people thinking big about changing their world.

Loved this piece about economic and personal development through technology and access to industry. Homelessness affects many people from many backgrounds – limited incomes are a main cause of people’s inability to afford housing, with women and people of color are disproportionately represented in the ranks of those with low incomes. This nonprofit in Queens, NY, offers training to tech graduates without the personal network of connections to find good jobs in their fields. By teaching people how to write iPhone apps, these grads’ annual income went from an average $15K to $72K – most are minority and women.

Here 10 formerly homeless people are highlighted for their work ethic, altruism or other qualities or experiences that helped them emerge from homelessness.

This unique campaign by Bellefaire JCB, a child welfare agency in Cleveland, used mannequins wearing hoodies to raise city-wide awareness of youth homelessness. Some of the messages are startling. See how people responded.