Because gays can’t get family fishing licenses


by Erica Mauter • Doug Grow has a great article at MinnPost today about the marriage equality fight in Minnesota, highlighting the step-by-step legislative approach recommended by our state’s big LGBT advocacy organizations. It’s long-ish, but a pretty simple-yet-thorough overview of the current legal landscape and the considerations we have to take on the path to equal rights for gay Minnesotans. is a place to talk about minority experiences in Minnesota. Contact

Besides the obvious issues concerning things like benefits, inheritance, and hospital visits, the article cites the inability of a gay couple to get a family fishing license is an example of an inequality that exists that people don’t even think about.


Pawlenty twice has vetoed bills that would allow local governments to provide domestic partnership benefits to employees. Those rights were won when Jesse Ventura was governor.


Even Iowa’s Supreme Court will be hearing a marriage-equality case on Dec. 9. In that case, a lower court ruled in favor of marriage equality a year ago, but the ruling was put on hold, pending the outcome of the decision of the Iowa Supremes.

Seriously, if Iowa gets marriage equality before we do… Iowa!

Originally published on 11/24/08.