Bachmann: America chooses tyranny


by Jeff Fecke | June 27, 2009 • Of course, by “Tyranny,” I mean we passed a fairly weak cap-and-trade carbon emission bill through the House of Representatives that will, hopefully, mitigate the damage from what could be the worst environmental catastrophe since the last ice age.

Jeff Fecke is a freelance writer who lives in Eagan, Minnesota.In addition to his own blog, Blog of the Moderate Left, he also contributes to Alas, a Blog, Minnesota Campaign Report, and AlterNet. Fecke has appeared as a guest on the “Today” show, the Alan Colmes radio show, and the Mark Heaney Show. Fecke is divorced, and the father of one really terrific daughter. His debut novel, The Valkyrie’s Tale, is now available.

But while those of us in the reality-based community think that the passage of Waxman-Markey is, you know, a prudent step in preventing the flooding of Florida and the end of Midwestern agriculture, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Sigh, knows better:

For the YouTube impaired, Bachmann states a number of completely made-up statistics showing that this measure would destroy the economy, and then declares, “But what is worse than this is the fact that now because of this underlying bill, the federal government will virtually have control over every aspect of lives for the American people. It is time to stand up and say: We get to choose. We choose liberty, or we choose tyranny — it’s one of the two.”

Because nothing says tyranny like weak, market-based restrictions on carbon emissions. It’s pretty much exactly the same as what’s going on in Iran, only worse.

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck decided to go after the bill by using a watermelon as a prop. Frankly, given Beck’s rather unique view of the world, this is barely worth mentioning.

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