Palestinian rights supporters call for Soda Stream boycott

A group of protesters will gather outside the Target store in downtown Minneapolis this afternoon to voice their objection to a product called Soda Stream. The device adds carbonation to ordinary tap water. The controversy is related to the complicated situation in Israel and Israel’s settlements on the West Bank of the Jordan River. The protest is organized by two groups – Jewish Voice for Peace and the Coalition for Palestinian Rights. Jordan Ash is a spokesperson for the effort spoke over the phone with The Morning Blend’s Terry Carter who asked Jordan what about his gripe with Soda Stream. Continue Reading

University of Minnesota researcher asks, “Can pennycress saves the world?”

If you’re a farmer in Minnesota, you have to think about what you can do to keep your soil from washing and blowing away during the long winter. Environmentalists also have legitimate concerns about soil runoff polluting waterways. And anyone who eats has an interest in nutrients staying in the ground and not being washed down to the Gulf of Mexico. University of Minnesota Plant Biology Graduate Student Kevin Dorn has been thinking about these issues too, and that has led him to spend his time decoding the genome for a weed called pennycress. The Morning Blends Terry Carter spoke with Kevin and asked what is pennycress? [Audio below]

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Minnesota scores well on child well-being

The Children’s Defense Fund recently put out their 2013 Child Well-Being report. The report ranks the well-being of children in all 50 U.S. states based on health care, education and many other factors. The Report ranks Minnesota at number 4 on the list.

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8 – 80 Cities’ Gil Penalosa promotes ‘walkability’ as key to successful public transit

Next year, the new Central Corridor light rail trains will start running down University Avenue. Planning has been going on for years. But one element of creating a successful transit corridor isn’t as obvious as some of the more common concerns like right-of-way or parking.It’s the question of how do people get to the train from their homes and workplaces in the neighborhoods surrounding the tracks. In many cases, the answer is – they’ll walk.The District Councils Collaborative has been addressing this very issue of walkability, and to continue the conversation the group invited Gil Penalosa to St. Paul. Continue Reading

Somali Olympians get Minnesota support

With the Olympics underway in London we’re hearing a lot about the very strong Team USA and the other major nations counting up their gold medals.

But the Olympic movement is also about the small nations, the ones that can send only a few athletes from places in the world where the fun of sports comes in a distant second to the bleak day-to-day reality of just trying to stay alive.

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