Moose inspire public-private partnership

Aiming to restore the dwindling moose population, the state of Minnesota has blazed a new trail in environmental research funding. On August 11, Minnesota launched the first of its kind public-private partnership with the Call of the Moose campaign. This innovative collaboration will set a precedent for future public-private relationships to enhance scientific attainability. Continue Reading

The state as a model employer

Our public workforce should reflect our state’s diversity, but Minnesota is not living up to this standard. Research shows that 10 percent of Minnesota’s civilian noninstitutionalized population has a disability, but only a little more than three percent of state public employees are disabled. The state’s disabled workforce has been shrinking for 15 years—now is the time to reverse the trend. Continue Reading

Rain won’t solve our water supply problem

With the recent downpours across Minnesota, it may feel like water is an unlimited resource in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. However, even record-breaking rainfall will not solve the problem of depleting groundwater, which continues to threaten the state’s water supply. Continue Reading