Local Cartoons Vs. Radical Message

Minneapolis resident Mohamed Ahmed calls himself an average person with the most common name in the world. What makes him not-so-average, however, is that he started a series of online cartoon videos to convince young Somali Americans and others not to join radical militant groups that purport to do violence in the name of Islam. He writes the scripts in Minneapolis and sends them to a animator in India. Mohamed Ahmed talked with KFAI’s Paul Brohaugh, who asked if it is dangerous to challenge the message of violent groups like ISIS and Al-Shabab. Hear the interview here:

And watch one of Mohamed Ahmed’s videos here:
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IGGERS DIGEST | Saigon Uptown: Last of the old-time Vietnamese

I tried to tell the two sisters who run the Saigon Uptown that they need to raise their prices. “We know,” one of them replied, “but we’re too busy.” Which seems a little odd, since whenever I have visited, it has been nearly empty. Instead, they have put a little note inside their menu, advising customers that all the listed prices have been raised by 50 cents. So pork with ginger and garlic sauce really costs $6.75, and the chicken with pineapples cost $7. Continue Reading

Mayda to play New Century Theatre

Home grown phenom, funk rocking vocalist-songsmith par excellence Mayda (www.imaydasong.com) has star power stamped all over her in block letters. She has, in fact, ever since her debut Stereotype was released in 2008, continuing to consistently impress withThe Interrogation, Tusks ‘N’ Fur and, now, Busy Signals. Her upcoming performance at the New Century Sessions series, smack dab in the middle of downtown Minneapolis, should go a respectable way toward sustaining momentum and establishing just the sort of next-step, high-profile traction she deserves around these parts. A strong shot in the arm for her career has been her association with
producing legend Michael Bland (Prince, Soul Asylum), who in addition to lending his heavy rep, has an uncanny ear for showing Mayda’s sound off the greatest effect. Stunning numbers from her repertoire include the volcanic “Sylvia” with stark lyics, “A jet plane had a baby/ the baby was a little girl/ The plane crashed into a building and crushed the baby’s world/ She grew up in the safe zone avoiding any type of fight/ The plane crashed during the daytime, so she feels the most comfortable at night.” An incredible, almost addictive chorus. Continue Reading

Don Samuels calls cops over hotdog giveaway

With less than three weeks to go until the Nov. 4 election, Minneapolis school board candidate Don Samuels may have gotten himself in some hot water with a local Northside philanthropic nonprofit.
According to a YouTube video and sources from the North Minneapolis-based group NOC (Neighborhoods Organizing for Change), Samuels called the Minneapolis police on Thursday, Oct. 16, asking them to investigate “hot dog sales” in front of NOC’s offices on West Broadway Avenue. Continue Reading