FREE SPEECH ZONE | Lightning rod theory: To tip or not to tip?

Okay, this piece is allegorical. It’s about the marriage amendment. Let’s get that straight (no pun intended) right up front. Lighting rod salesmen are going to hit the air waves next year. They’ll use a blunt force messaging with funding from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and the Minnesota Family Council. They’re collecting and clearing the checks even as I write this.You’ll be hearing all about the threat. Continue Reading

Of loaves and fishes

I was born and raised in a southern Minnesota community. My wife and I attended twelve years of Catholic parochial education. In those grade school years, as they were known then, we queued up with our classes and trotted across the street to daily mass, five days a week. In the Lenten season it was Friday afternoon Stations of the Cross. Continue Reading

How I spent my Saturday night.

Hung out at the MN Capitol this last Saturday night, May 21st. Met a lot of nice people out in the hallways. I got there early enough to get a corner spot just outside the side door of the House, you know, the one the Republicans slip in and out through discreetly. Saw Gottlaw (oops, typo) Gottwalt come out. Tried to address him but he just slogged on. Continue Reading

There are Fascists among us

There are Fascists among us.

I sat through and testified at a MN Senate and MN House committee this last weekend. Despite reasoned argument not a single vote was swayed and a constitutional amendment now appears headed for the 2012 ballot. Now if this was something other than a constitutional issue the party line voting would be the norm. But this is about our state constitution.

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FREE SPEECH ZONE | Who’s gonna pay the fiddler?

My name is Jeff Wilfahrt, father of CPL Andrew C. Wilfahrt, KIA, Kandahar, Afghanistan, 2-27-2011. I am a native son of New Ulm, MN. Andrew Wilfahrt: Family remembrances and call to actionRESTLESS GRAY GIRL | It’s time: A reflection on war, family and action  by Lisa Gray • On February 27th, 2011, Corporal Andrew Wilfarht, cousin to my husband, and son to Jeff and Lori Wilfahrt of Rosemount, MN was killed in Afghanistan. This begins a story I did not know needed to be told. MOREFREE SPEECH ZONE | Who’s gonna pay the fiddler? I have something I want to say to every American willing to read. Continue Reading