How I spent my Saturday night.


Hung out at the MN Capitol this last Saturday night, May 21st. Met a lot of nice people out in the hallways. I got there early enough to get a corner spot just outside the side door of the House, you know, the one the Republicans slip in and out through discreetly. Saw Gottlaw (oops, typo) Gottwalt come out. Tried to address him but he just slogged on. For a man who wants dialogue with Minnesota he seems rather reticent to my way of thinking.

Later on, at the recess, I got to meet a contingent from Blaine exiting the gallery. All were in dark suits; they were a family group. Shook all their hands and it turns out the father is a Nam vet. He wasn’t on crutches so I assume he never had the epiphany that excellent Republican Representative Kriesl experienced.

There were too many sons to count while shaking hands, none of them are in the service; he is a lucky father, no Dover ceremony in his future.

The contingent was escorted by a Representative’s wife. I did some digging. If I’m not mistaken she would be Representative Sander’s wife; I can’t be sure because she refused to identify herself. Made me think maybe she wasn’t proud of her unknown spouse. She wasn’t the leader of the contingent, just the “hostess”. I did ask and that was the father’s response.

When I first heard of the dark suited contingent’s presence in the gallery standing at attention, I thought it may have been a block of the Bradlee Dean disciples of Friday last. Oh, wait, that didn’t happen, not on the record thanks to the benevolence of Speaker Zellers. Didn’t they do that sort of thing in the novel 1984, rewrite the record each day? Sorry, I digress

I was told the standing contingent had to be asked to be sit down by the gallery security. Maybe they didn’t understand the decorum of the gallery. I’m sure they weren’t trying to make any sort of political statement.

Well I did thank the father of the contingent for his military service. War is a hard thing on families. It can just tear them apart sometimes.

I had such a good time Saturday night I went back to the Capitol mid afternoon Sunday. Bunch of protesting folks were grabbing some camera time outside the Governor’s office where the press was parked waiting for any kind of budget statement.

Lo and behold here came Senator Koch and minions. She moves fast. Like Gottwalt she has no time to dialogue with the public. She does like cameras though; she will talk to cameras. I’m going to bring one next time I’m there.

Meanwhile North Minneapolis took a blow from nature. We should get out our check books and help those folks out, and while you’re at it, I’m thinking Representatives Kriesl, Kelly, Smith and Murray will need some funds too. I’ve heard Republicans tend to eat their young. Let us keep the smarter more soulful ones around.